Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Improvised Weaponry Part Dos

I've gotten some amusing responses from my last post on
improvised weaponry. Yes, I really do look around for this sort of thing. And, I carry a weapon just about all the time. I'm not paranoid, I'm simply aware that I'm assailable. And, being mindful of that, ironically, keeps me safer. 

Even if your character, or you, never needs to make use of these weapons, you know they are there which makes you both more prepared. It's better to be prepared and not need something that to need it and not have it. Or, as Sun Tzu said, "it's better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in a war."

Just like in the last post, "impact” refers to anything that can be used to strike someone. And, if I say something is used on pressure points, that means that you use it to hit sensitive areas.  

Backpack - used shield or swung at assailant, impact
Book - thrown at face, impact
Dry erase marker - thrown or used on pressure points
Aluminum water bottle - impact
Permanent marker - pressure points
Shoes - thrown, impact
Shoestring - choke
Phone charger - use prongs for impact, cord to choke
Musical instrument - impact
Sweat shirt hood/clothing - wrap assailants own hood, hood strings or collar around their neck to choke (The choke in the video can also be done with tshirts and polos because they're pretty stretchy. Especially if your adrenaline is up, you're going to stretch it out pretty good.)

Pot of hot coffee - impact and thrown to burn
Coffee mug - impact
CD - broken in half and used as knife (surprisingly sharp)
Fire extinguisher - spray at person’s face or impact
Pencil, pen, letter opener - stab
Keyboard, laptop, monitor - impact
Electrical cord - choke or whip
Potted plant - impact or dirt thrown in face
Decorative items - impact
Phone charger - use prongs for impact, cord to choke
Framed pictures - impact, corner used can cut and shattered glass to cut
Magazine - wrapped around arm for knife defense

On a plane/in airport:
Backpack - used as shield or swung at assailant
CD/CD case - broken and used to stab
Permanent market - pressure points
Carabiner - hand placed inside and used as brass knuckles
Jacket, socks, shoestring - choke
Pen, pencil - stab (metal barreled is best)
Credit card - edge sharpened as knife
Magazine - wrapped around arm for knife defense

Phone charger - use prongs for impact, cord to choke

When I began this blog, my secondary reason for doing so was to help writers write more accurate fight scenes. My primary reason was to encourage people to learn to defend themselves or, as in this post, help them see how they already can.

In classrooms, offices, planes or any public place, I believe in attacking as a means of defense. If an assailant enters an office, getting under desks or tables does not improve the situation. Instead, those at risk should all immediately grab anything and everything and start throwing it at the intruder. Even if, God forbid, the intruder has a gun, they will guard their face from the thrown objects and not be able to shoot or shoot wildly rather than target someone. It may also allow enough time for someone to grab a fire extinguisher to blast at the face of the attacker or brandish a weapon against them. Almost anyone, of all ages, can throw things at an assailant.

I highly suggest everyone read The Gift of Fear by Gavin deBecker. There is a chapter especially for threats in the workplace. And remember, fear is a GIFT!!! The good Lord didn't give us the emotion by accident. Fear is a precious messenger and guardian. If you don't feel right in a situation, get out of it. Who cares if it was nothing? Worse case scenario, you're a warrior in a garden.

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