Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Improvised Weaponry

When it comes to weaponry, think outside the box. Quite likely your character will always be surrounded by objects that can be used against an assailant – and so will you. Look around right now. What could you use to defend yourself? Well, you’re looking at one: your computer. Yes, your Mac can be part of your attack. That coffee cup beside you filled with hot liquid? That’s two weapons in one. Never mind if you have a pen or pencil near you. And there’s the framed pictures on the wall, the random decorative items and remote. You’re basically sitting in an armory and don’t even know it.

Here’s a few non traditional items that can be used for self defense. Some will simply buy your character some time and that may be enough. Some will injure and a few could very well dispatch if wielded well. I’ve organized them by location and given a brief description of use. I’ve left out the obvious such as knives, hammers etc. “Impact” refers to anything that can be used to strike someone. And, if I say something is used on pressure points, that means that you use it to hit sensitive areas. For example, when you grab a permanent marker and wrap your fingers around it, the tip generally sticks out. That would be used to hit someone any place on the head, face and neck and any joint. Actually, anywhere is better than nowhere. So, if your character or you has that handy, just start hitting! Note the seemingly innocuous things that can always be carried for defense.  

Next week we will venture outside the house. Until then, look around your abode and post unconventional things that can be used for self defense. Around the house only!!! 

Forks, spoons, wooden utensils - stabbing
Boiling water - thrown
Pot of hot coffee - impact and thrown to burn
Coffee mug - impact
Water sprayer on sink - hot water sprayed in face
Fire extinguisher - impact or spray in face
Pots, pans, dishes, baking items, rolling pins, small appliance, meat tenderizer mallet - impact
Dish towels - to use as a choke or snapped at face
Flour and ilk - thrown into face, breathed it will cause coughing and also impede vision
Salt - thrown in face will irritate eyes
Broom/mop handle - impact and trip
Phone charger - use prongs for impact, cord to choke
Cleaning chemicals, vinegar - thrown in face
Wine bottle - impact or broken to cut
Wine glass - goblet broken and used to cut or remaining stem used to stab
Electrical cord - choke or whip
Permanent marker - pressure points
Plastic bag - placed over head or around neck to choke
Can - impact

Living area:
Fireplace tools: impact
Logs in fireplace: impact
Remote - impact
Electrical cord - choke or whip
Coffee mug - impact or to burn if filled with hot liquid
Lamp - impact
Throw pillow - shield or to smother
Blanket - thrown over assailant or used to choke
Decorative items - impact
Magazine - wrapped around arm to shield from knife

Cleaning chemicals - thrown in face
Plunger, hair dryer, hair brush - impact
Toothbrush - stab eyes or pressure point
Razor - slash
Towel - thrown over face, used to choke, or snapped at
Curling iron - impact or burn
Rat tail comb (comb with ice pick end) - stab
Magazine - wrapped around arm for knife defense
Electrical cord - choke or whip
Folded bath towel - wrapped around arm for knife defense

Belt, clothing - choke
Belt - whip with buckle at end
Blanket - thrown over assailant or used to choke
Pillow - used as shield or cover face of assailant to smother
Lamp - impact
Light bulb - break to cut and stab 
Electrical cord - choke or whip
Phone charger - use prongs for impact, cord to choke

Tools, PVC pipe, paint can, bike pump - impact
Screwdriver, drill bits, nails - stab
Extension cord - choke
Brick - impact
Cleaning chemicals - thrown into face
Chain - swung for impact, to grab or choke
Mop/broom - impact and trip
Bug spray - sprayed into eyes (wasp spray has very long reach)
Chemicals - thrown into face
Carabiner - hand placed inside and used as brass knuckles
Garden hose - used as whip or choke
Electrical cord - choke or whip

Flashlight, glass break, auto emergency tool - impact
Flashlight - shine light into eyes
Umbrella - impact, stab
High heel, keys - stab, impact
Seat belt - choke
Car - hit attacker or, if assailant in the car, crash to eject or deploy air bags.
Credit card  - edge can be sharpened and used as knife (yes, really)
Loose change - thrown in face
Ice scraper - sharp impact and to slash
Pen, pencil - stab (metal barreled is best)
Road map - wrapped around arm for knife defense

Phone charger - use prongs for impact, cord to choke

Until the next round at, get blood on your pages.

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