Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Body Punches - The Pros

Punches to the body are, in my humble opinion, highly underrated. By “body” I’m referring to the area beneath the arm pits to the tops of the hip bones. These strikes are very good at doing what they do. However, you have to know how to throw a good one. I will explain that in a different post. One of the most disabling is the liver shot or, as I call it, the Bas Rutten Special, which I posted on previously.  

Next week I will discuss the cons of punches to the body. This week, however, we'll focus on the pros: 

1. Because the area is larger, more punches can be thrown from different angles and it's harder to defend a larger area as well. Nick Diaz is great at this. He is known for beating down the body.   

2. They bring the hands away from the head. If your character is a seasoned fighter, they will be able to block without leaving the face completely open. However, the sides of the head still will be. And, because the punches will cause the character to hunch over a bit, they won't be as able to see their combatant switch levels (Like Nick Diaz did) and go from a low punch to a high, head shot. 

3. A punch to the solar plexus will quickly shut somebody down without injuring them. This may seem like a strange
thing to point out but if a character is saying something they shouldn't and another needs them to stop speaking, this is a great go-to. And, it doesn’t take much effort provided the character isn't expecting it. 

4. This same punch can help bring a character to the ground. The automatic reflex to any punch to the stomach is to put the hands over the belly and lean forward. This brings the body off balance making it easier to bring someone down. Never mind the fact that the character has had their breath taken as well which makes them less stable.

5. Body shots save the hands. When your character hits someone in the face, they risk incidental contact with the teeth which can cut and bloody the knuckles. Also, the head is a bit bonier than the abdominal area. You are more
likely to hurt your hand by punching the face – provided your hands aren’t wrapped well. If your hands are wrapped well, this isn’t an issue. Not just wrapped, wrapped well and there is a difference. I will do a post on hand wraps later.

6. Body shots injuries aren’t as visible. Most people wear shirts so bruises are hidden. If your protagonist walks into a room with a black eye, other characters are likely to say, “wow, what happened!” For this same reason it's a good option if
This is the kind of bruises you
get from kicks.
you want a character to have a very painful wound they want hidden. Let me assure you, bruised ribs really hurt. And, you can't get away from the pain because you have to move your ribs to breathe. If you cough, you are in even worse pain.
For the striker, because the knuckles won't be bloodied by teeth, it's less visible evidence that the character has hit someone. It makes them a less than obvious suspect.

7. A well thrown body shot delivers maximum results with minimal damage to both the combatants. Yes, the unfortunate party might have a dislocated or broken rib. But, unless that character isn't physically compromised in some way and if the strike isn't a kick or knee,
the rib isn't likely to snap and puncture the lung. Once the rib is set, it will heal and you'll be fine. However, regardless of how solid a character is, a well delivered shot to the face can break the orbital bone, trash the nose, knock out teeth and break the jaw. These injuries can leave permanent damage. Cracked rib? Meh, they'll get over it.

8. Punches to the body wear a fighter out. If your characters are both warriors, they will know how to defend a body strike. But, throughout the fight, taken repeatedly, these punches just wear the body down.

9. Technically, a hard strike to the heart can kill you. Can a human deliver such a punch, kick or knee? Not likely but it's not impossible. However, if your character's abilities are above that of normal humans, you have that as an option.

Well, there ya go. You may officially quit just punching the face! In the next round of FightWrite.net, we'll look at the cons of body strikes. Until then, get blood on your pages!

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