Your Coach

Moments before the destruction of her home planet, Carla's parents jettisoned her and her twin brother to earth. He was taken in by a kindly farmer in Kansas while she was embraced by a rather liberal clowder of feral cats in Houston, Texas.

While still a toddler, she bid farewell to her feline family and headed to Pace, Florida, a small hamlet just outside Pensacola. There, she raised herself in a hollowed-out tree trunk and taught herself to speak fluent Southern, ride out a hurricane like a pro and tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi by fizz alone.

As an adult, she fulfilled the dream of all feral cats and became a Spanish teacher and track coach. After nearly a decade in the classroom, she met a military cyborg who promptly married her and whisked her away to such exotic locations as Virginia and New Mexico. Now, a mother of twins herself, she and her husband have returned to the People's Holy Republic of Texas and reside not far from where her pod originally landed. 
Carla dressed as an "Editor"

Unlike her twin, Clark, Carla found her powers late in life. She was first introduced to them through a Hapkido-based self-defense class. From there she went on to train in MMA, Muay Thai style kickboxing, taekwondo,  street defense, Filipino martial arts, iaido and aikido . Carla is currently a student of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and and judo

Carla is a writer for Writer's Digest. Her book, Fight Write: How to Write Believable Fight Scenes releases in June 2019. She is a professional fight scene editor, consultant, and
FightWriting teacher. She is the host of The Geek Block podcast on the Along Came a Writer network and, as far as you know, not working with cats in their evil plot to overtake the world.


                                   Carla at the Realm Makers Writers

                               conference teaching writers a disarm with
                       trusty assistant and accomplished writer, Ben Wolf.

*Street defense is defense you would need in a street fight. It also includes gun and knife defense. It's super fun.