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If you are interested in a fight scene edit or consult, give this page a gander. If you prefer a time frame not listed or aren't quite sure what you need, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the main page. 

Here's what other folks are saying about my editing services: Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Thanks so much, Carla, for editing the fight scene in my novel. You made sure that the moves would be doable for my female protagonist and successful against her larger assailant. You corrected my misunderstanding of the momentum and made the fight believable. In other words, you kept my future readers from rolling their eyes over the fight scene just when I wanted them engrossed in the story’s conflict. You even gave me some bonus info on the effects my protagonist would deal with after the fight. 

This is so valuable to me as a writer who knows almost nothing about fighting. I didn’t even know what questions to ask, but you knew what I needed to hear. You’re awesome! - Sharon Rose

$35/hour - 30 minute phone call included if desired - $20 minimum. 
3 one hour consultations/edits - $100 
Video - Contact for pricing
If your scene is one that requires special training on my part, I will contact you with the specifics and we'll discuss pricing.

Through track changes I will highlight any issues in your scene. Then, through notations, I'll explain the issues and offer options to correct or improve it. I will never touch the wording of the scene itself.

So that our phone call can be totally focused on your scene, I will have you email me specific information about it. Bear in mind that in order to make your battle the best it can be, we may need to manipulate some of the information you provide. This of course will not include characters or details that have been fluid throughout. If you are still deciding on some of the information or if the decision is part of your issue, just let me know in the answer. It’s not a problem at all. In fact, that’s why I’m here. If the question doesn’t apply, just skip it. If I have any questions, I will clarify them with you off the clock.
*  Describe the topography/physical surroundings of the fight scene. This is extremely important as it can aid or hinder your hero. If you need to draw a picture or have a map created, you can send that to me in an attachment.
*  What is the time period? This affects the weaponry as well as fighting style.
*  How many are involved?
*  What is your desired outcome of the fight?
*  What are the intended injuries? Even if the injuries will not occur, knowing what injury is intended will decide how the character moves. For example, a character who means to make someone bleed will move and behave differently than one who means to punch. And, one who means to stab the chest will move differently than one who means to slash the Achilles tendon. If it’s a battle scene, you don’t need to answer this one unless a particular injury needs to occur.
*  Do any characters have physical limitations?
*  Do any have special skills? Please be as specific as you can. If they have super human abilities, note the limitations of it.
*  What weapons are used?
*  Anything else you'd like to add?

I look forward to working with you. Let's get blood on your pages!

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