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Welcome to FightWrite.net. Consider this YOUR CORNER, where you turn for coaching to make your fight writing the most realistic if can be. Here you will learn about fighting technique, common injuries, psychological effects, weaponry and, of course, the craft of fight writing itself. 

Weekly, you'll be provided with first-hand accounts, videos galore and commentary from your coach or other professionals all of which will be named, Write. Whether it's Dr. Wright describing the process of bleeding out, Sheriff Write teaching you about tasers or Colonel Write telling you about the winds of war, you can trust FightWrite.net to provide you with the tools to create a knockout scene.

If you have a question for your corner, send it in! Each month FightWrite.net will choose a question to answer personally. If yours is the question picked, you will be that month's featured FightWriter. Not only will readers learn the answer to your question, they'll learn a bit about you as well. So, fill out the email form and stay ready. Yours may be the question that's thrown into the ring. 

But, the coaching doesn't have to stop here. To have your scene critiqued personally by your coach, contact Carla through Quill Pen Editorial Services. Rest assured, she'll make sure your fight is deadly accurate.

All right now, FightWriter, get out there and get some blood on your pages!


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