Adrenaline: The Sunny Side
Adrenaline: The Un-Sunny Side

Behold, the Hunga Munga
Being Attacked
Blades and Their Purpose Part 1
Blades and Their Purpose Part 11
Blade Damage - Differences in Blade Damage
Blade Damage - Vital Targets
Blade Damage: What Will Kill
Blade Damage - Wounds (Graphic)
Body Punches - The Cons and the Defense
Body Punches - The Pros

Can You Carry a Katana on Your Back?
Catapults (and Cow-tapults)

Cauliflower Ear

Dislocating a Thumb to Escape Handcuffs

Escaping Handcuffs

Featured FightWriter - Heather Titus, Surviving a Throat Cut
Featured FightWriter - Janeen Ippolito, Bleeding Out
Featured FightWriter - Jonathan Clay, Fighting in Zero-G
Featured FightWriter - Kristen Stieffel, Perineum Stab
Featured FightWriter - Linda Kozar - Fighting in Water
Featured FightWriter - Lisa Godfrees, Picking Apart Dark Matter
Featured FightWriters - Luke Scott & Johne Cook: Chop vs Punch and Bringin' a Knife to a Gun Fight
Featured Fightwriter SEM Ishida - Do Martial Arts Work in Real Fights
Featured FightWriter - Serena Dawson, Killing Horses & Fighting With Compromised Limbs
Feeling Dead
Fighting at Night - Travis Perry
Fighting Robots
Firearms Part I - Handguns
Firearms Part II - Rifles and Shotguns
From Inside the Cage - Bubba Bush

Getting Hit in the Face

Healing Time
Human Bites

Improvised Weaponry
Improvised Weaponry Part Dos

Knife Vocab and Great Video
Knock Out Punches

Liver Punches

Physical Cues Predicting Assault
Podcast w/ Edged Weapons Expert, Kirk McCune

Size Disparity - Punches and Kicks
Size Disparity - Part Deux
Stupid Kicks - Breaking Your Own Leg
Suturing With Needles and Bugs
Sword Forging

The Site is Part of the Fight
The WHY Changes the Fight
Two Sword Fighting - Estilo Macabebe
Types of Kicks
Types of Punches

Western Sword Vocabulary
Would You Kill A Robot?

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