Adrenaline: The Sunny Side
Adrenaline: The Un-Sunny Side

Behold, the Hunga Munga
Being Attacked
Blades and Their Purpose Part 1
Blades and Their Purpose Part 11
Blade Damage - Differences in Blade Damage
Blade Damage - Vital Targets
Blade Damage: What Will Kill
Blade Damage - Wounds (Graphic)
Body Punches - The Cons and the Defense
Body Punches - The Pros

Can You Carry a Katana on Your Back?
Catapults (and Cow-tapults)

Cauliflower Ear

Dislocating a Thumb to Escape Handcuffs

Escaping Handcuffs

Featured FightWriter - Janeen Ippolito, Bleeding Out
Featured FightWriter - Jonathan Clay, Fighting in Zero-G
Featured FightWriter - Kristen Stieffel, Perineum Stab
Featured FightWriter - Linda Kozar - Fighting in Water
Featured FightWriter - Lisa Godfrees, Picking Apart Dark Matter
Featured FightWriters - Luke Scott & Johne Cook: Chop vs Punch and Bringin' a Knife to a Gun Fight
Featured Fightwriter SEM Ishida - Do Martial Arts Work in Real Fights
Featured FightWriter - Serena Dawson, Killing Horses & Fighting With Compromised Limbs
Feeling Dead
Fighting at Night - Travis Perry
Fighting Robots
Firearms Part I - Handguns
Firearms Part II - Rifles and Shotguns
From Inside the Cage - Bubba Bush

Getting Hit in the Face

Healing Time

Improvised Weaponry
Improvised Weaponry Part Dos

Knife Vocab and Great Video
Knock Out Punches

Liver Punches

Physical Cues Predicting Assault
Podcast w/ Edged Weapons Expert, Kirk McCune

Size Disparity - Punches and Kicks
Size Disparity - Part Deux
Stupid Kicks - Breaking Your Own Leg
Sword Forging

The Site is Part of the Fight
The WHY Changes the Fight
Two Sword Fighting - Estilo Macabebe
Types of Kicks
Types of Punches

Western Sword Vocabulary

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