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When I'm not out fighting crime in pajamas (the cape and lycra just didn't work for me), I host a podcast known as The Geek Block with the Along Came a Writer network. Each month I interview folks in the *Christian **speculative fiction industry, as well as those who make it great i.e. agents, cover designers and the true heroes of writing, editors. And, once a quarter or so, I do a FightWrite edition and interview pros in the fighting industry and answer reader questions.

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If you would like to be on the show, feel free to contact me through the email form to the left. I'd love to chat with you. Note: if you aren't traditionally published through a Christian publisher, I'll need an e copy of your book to peruse. 

*I can see you making that same face a dog makes when it hears a whistle. Christian spec fic is simply spec fic with a Christian world view. There's not an alien Jesus or anything - although that would be super cool. Every sub genre in spec fic is well represented in the Christian industry.  

"What makes a book a Christian book? You, the author."
            - Robert Liparulo

** Speculative Fiction is a category of fiction that encompasses sci fi (Star Wars), fantasy (Lord of the Rings), dystopian (World War Z), steam punk (The League of Extraordinary Gentleman), horror (Frankenstein), alternate history (Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter), supernatural (Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children), paranormal (The Life of Pi) and several others I'm over looking. Basically, it's anything that dares to color outside the lines. Here's some good ones. Full disclosure, I know these authors personally.


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